Our History

A family run stud farm with significant success in the past few seasons.

James and Lisa have owned and jointly managed Linacre House Stud for 20 years. During this time we have placed an emphasis on quality and have always kept the numbers of mares low and despite this we have been amongst the leading vendors at foal sales on many occasions over the past decade.

From 2015 onwards we took on investors or partners in our purchases. We aim to keep the majority shareholding in an individual purchase ourselves and we take investors in for 40% in a relevant purchase. Purchasers invest with us at the cost price with no management fee add on or no purchasers commission. The majority of initial investors have all grown their portfolios significantly and many have become very good friends. A basic example of how a purchase would work is indicated below :


Linacre House Stud purchase mare X at a sale for £100,000.
We keep 60% of her (£60,000) and we offer investors the opportunity to come aboard. For this example we would offer two 5% shares (£5,000 each) a 10% share (£10,000) and a 20% share (£20,000). i.e. billed at cost. When we purchase at public auction you get invoiced directly from the sales company, not from us. When we sell at public auction the sales company pay you directly. i.e. there are no hidden costs from us.
The aim is to offer a return to investors on an annual basis and to send the mares to commercial proven stallions and to offer all progeny for sale as foals.

What type of investors do we currently have?

1). Retired couples who have built up a lot of value in their stock with us and treat this as a pension but also as a hobby and they have many horses to follow on a weekly basis.

. Complete first time investors who are on board at 5% shareholdings to learn about the business. They know we will take care of their investment and work hard to make their money work for them while also exposing them to the industry and offering them a full overview of a horses life from birth to the sales ring and on to the race track. Over time most then increase their shareholdings at subsequent sales.

People who have been previously lost to the game through previous bad experiences but who have started to enjoy the breeding aspect of the thoroughbred world again through their involvement with us.

Current stud farm owners who merely wanted to grow and diversify their own equine portfolios by investing in stock we have purchased.

5). New investors who have been referred by longstanding investors with us.

If you have any questions about investing with us please feel free to call James on 087-2411562 or to contact him via email on jkbloodstock@gmail.com

“A positive and pleasant experience, and also profitable, is how we would summarise our involvement with Linacre since 2015. That comes from their good judgement, meticulous care of the horses, complete transparency and James and Lisa’s hospitality. However small our share, we have always felt a part of each venture.”

Neilus and Niamh, Ireland